ShoreTel 12.3 37
Voice Calls
4.1 Introduction
ShoreTel Communicator provides a Graphical User Interface for initiating and handling
your voice calls. ShoreTel Communicator operations and features that support, handle, and
manage your voice calls include:
extension assignment to a device
configuring call device options
initiating a voice call
managing incoming calls
operations during an active call
specialty calls: conference, video, intercom, and pages
history viewer
call routing slips
4.2 Extension Assignment
Extension assignment specifies the device to which ShoreWare routes your calls. The
following sections explain the options for receiving calls at your default home device, at
your SoftPhone, or at other devices through Extension Assignment.
The Device button on the Assignment bar displays the audio device that is currently
assigned to the user’s extension.
4.2.1 Primary Device
Your primary device is the phone that is plugged into your home port, as configured by
your administrator. The home device can only be changed by your system administrator.
To assign your Primary Device to your extension, perform one of the following:
Click the Application Button and select Extension Assignment -> Primary Phone.
Click the Assignment Button on the Assignment Bar and select Primary Phone.
Right click the ShoreTel icon in the System Tray and select Extension Assignment ->
Primary Phone.
Press Ctrl+Shift+M.
The Assignment button displays the Home icon to indicate that your extension is
assigned to your home device.
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