ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 3: Accessing ShoreTel Communicator
3.3 Viewers
Viewers are lists that display resources available through ShoreTel Communicator
including your voice mail, contacts, directory lists, speed dial contacts, and call history. You
access Viewers through the Content Area of the Main window or through a Satellite
The following is a summary of the ShoreTel Communicator viewers. A complete
description of each panel is provided in the referenced sections.
Directory: The Directory viewer displays all contact information for all system
users. You can store personal contacts and import contact entries from Microsoft
Outlook to the Directory viewer. Section 8.2 on page 91 describes the Directory
Contacts: The Contact viewer displays your contact lists. Contact lists provide
convenient access to selected entries from your directory of addresses. Section 8.3
on page 96 describes the Contacts Viewer.
History: The History viewer displays information about previous calls you made
and received. It can be used to display calls you made and the phone numbers of
people who called you. Section 4.9 on page 72 describes the History Viewer.
Voice Mail: The Voice Mail viewer manages your voice messages. In addition to
viewing your messages, you can listen to, sort, and delete messages from this panel.
Section 9.3 on page 115 describes the Voice Mail viewer.
Speed Dial: The Speed Dial viewer manages and initiates calls to your speed dial
contacts. Section 8.5.1 on page 110 describes the Speed Dial viewer.
Queue Monitor: The Queue Monitor displays the calls that are ringing into your
workgroups and waiting on your workgroup queues. Section 12.4.1 on page 149
describes the Queue Monitor.
Agent Monitor: The Agent Monitor displays the name, extension, and status of all
agents in your workgroups. Section 12.4.2 on page 151 describes the Agent
Bridged Call Appearance Monitor: The Bridged Call Appearance Monitor displays
the Bridged Call Appearances for which your phone is configured to answer.
Section 12.4.4 on page 156 describes the Bridged Call Appearance Monitor
Figure 3-16 ShoreTel Communicator Icon in the System Tray
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