ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 3: Accessing ShoreTel Communicator
3.2 Viewing Modes
ShoreTel Communicator provides three viewing modes for displaying the Main ShoreTel
Communicator window: Normal, Miniature, and Docked. When ShoreTel Communicator
is opened, it maintains the viewing option setting that was active when it was closed.
When ShoreTel Communicator is active but not visible on the desktop, the System Tray
displays a ShoreTel icon which, when pressed, opens the ShoreTel Communicator window.
3.2.1 Normal Mode
The Normal ShoreTel Communicator window, shown in Figure 3-1, can be configured to
contain all ShoreTel Communicator window components. The Normal window can be
moved anywhere on the desktop by dragging the title bar. To resize the width and length of
the Normal window, click and drag any of the four window edges.
To display the Main Manager in Normal mode, select View -> Normal from the Menu bar,
Application Button, or the System Tray context menu.
Moving viewers between the Main window and satellite windows requires that the
Windows Manipulation option is enabled, as described in Section 3.1.3 on page 27.
3.2.2 Miniature
The Miniature view, shown in Figure 3-14, is a compact version of the main window. The
Miniature view always displays the Application Button, QuickDialer, and Call List. The Call
Toolbar is accessed in Miniature mode through a Application Button option. All viewers are
accessible through a Satellite window.
To display the Main Window in Miniature view, select View -> Miniature from the Menu
bar, Application Button, or the System Tray context menu.
To move the Miniature Main Window, click and hold in the dark blue region on the left or
right side of the window, then drag it to the desired location.
3.2.3 Docked
ShoreTel Communicator provides four Docked window settings, one for each edge of the
computer monitor. When ShoreTel Communicator is docked, it is located permanently on
the edge of the window specified by the docking command. In Figure 3-15, ShoreTel
Communicator is docked to the bottom of the monitor.
Figure 3-14 ShoreTel Communicator Window – Miniature View
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