ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 3: Accessing ShoreTel Communicator
26 Active Call Area and Call Cells
The Active Call Area displays call cells for each voice call that ShoreTel Communicator is
handling. The Active Call Area in Figure 3-4 contains one call cell. The Active Call Area
can be configured to display the blank call cells by selecting Tools -> Options -> Preferences
from the Application Button, Main Menu, or the System Tray context menu.
Call cells display status and time information about active calls that ShoreTel
Communicator is handling. Each call represents one call appearance. Operations available
through main window buttons are performed on the highlighted call appearance. You can
also perform operations on a call through a context menu by right clicking on the call cell.
The left side of a call cell indicates the status and duration of the connection with the other
party on the call appearance, along with the name and number of that party. The right side
of the call cell contains buttons for performing call management tasks on the call
appearance. To determine the function of an individual button, hover the cursor above that
button until ShoreTel Communicator displays a popup description.
The Active Call Area in Figure 3-6 contains two call cells:
The top cell corresponds to a call with Adam Pierce. The icon on the left side of the
indicates that the call is currently connected to the device that is assigned to your
extension. The text indicates the name and number of the other party and that the
call is connected to the extension device. The buttons on the right side indicate the
operations that can be performed on the call which are, respectively, Hold, Transf er,
Conference, Hang up, and View Additional Information. Because this call is
highlighted, call management operations initiated from Main Window menus are
performed on this call.
The call cell indicates that AES-SRTP encryption is active during a call with a small
padlock icon located next to the call status icon. The padlock icon indicates the call
media is secure on the ShoreTel network; ShoreTel cannot guarantee call security
outside of the network, such as calls that terminate across an analog or digital
The bottom cell corresponds to a call with Hannah Poulson. As indicated by the
status icon and text, this call is on hold. The set of operation buttons on the right
side of the cell differ from those in the other cell because of the call state. The
available buttons include Answer, Conference, Hang up, and View Additional
Information. The call is not highlighted; clicking anywhere in the cell highlights
the call.
Figure 3-6 Call Cells in the Active Call Area
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