Chapter 3: Accessing ShoreTel Communicator ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 25
You can specify the following information when entering the intended call recipient in the
QuickDialer data entry field:
The recipient’s name, as listed in your directory.
The recipient’s number as listed in your directory.
A valid phone number, as specified by your system.
Redial recently dialed numbers
Company name
Email address
IM address
Department name, as a name qualifier
As you fill the data entry field, ShoreTel Communicator displays a drop down menu that
lists the contents of your directory filtered by the QuickDialer contents. When you select a
contact in this menu your phone initiates the call as specified by your telephony settings.
QuickDialer configuration options can prevent QuickDialer from displaying contact
information for fax machines and companies. QuickDialer can also display available calling
actions for filtered contacts. The Options and Preferences: QuickDialer panel configures
these options.
QuickDialer tokens typed into the data entry field are matched to an index of directory
entries. A drop down panel displays the a list of Directory entries filtered by the token
QuickDialer properties include:
Tokens are delimited by spaces:
mark is a single token string
ma th is a two token string
m s w t is a four token string
Directory entries match a token string when each input token maps to a distinct
word within the name of the entry, without regard to case or order:
mark matches Mark Thomason and Tim Markison
ma th matches Marge Thorpe and Thad Martin
Each input token must match a word within the index name:
p p matches Pauline Paulus but not Peter Hicks
Parentheses, apostrophes, and hyphens are not considered when matching entries:
one matches O’Neal
tex matches John (Tex) Jones
QuickDialer matches individual words within company names:
net matches High Country Networks
Only single token searches (strings with no spaces) match email and IM addresses
mthomason@an matches a user’s ( – Mark
Thomason) record.
The Department field can be used to refine a Name search.
In multiple token search, only the first token can match email addresses, IM
addresses, or phone numbers.
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