ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 3: Accessing ShoreTel Communicator
24 Assignment Bar
The Assignment Bar is located below the Toolbars and above QuickDialer. Each word on
the left side of the Assignment bar accesses a drop down menu that lists options for
assigning the user’s access device, IM presence setting, and Call Handling Mode, and for
displaying Viewers. Workgroup members also assign login status from the Assignment bar.
All Assignment bar options are also available through the Application Button or the System
Tray context menu.
The icons on the right side of the bar provides status for current ShoreTel Communicator
The Microphone icon displays the mute status of the current call when you conduct
calls through SoftPhone.
The Keypad icon accesses a keypad through which dialing tones (DTMF) can be
sent during active voice calls.
The Telephone icon indicates the current call and on-hook phone status and lists
the quantity of unanswered calls. Toolbars
Toolbars provide single button access to ShoreTel Communicator tasks. ShoreTel
Communicator can display up to ten toolbars and each toolbar has a maximum capacity of
24 buttons. Toolbars are configured by the system administrator.
Toolbars are an optional component of the ShoreTel Communicator Main and Miniature
windows. To control the display of the Toolbars, select View -> Show <toolbar name> from
the Application Button, Main Menu, or the System Tray context menu. QuickDialer
QuickDialer provides drop-down access to directory names and phone numbers that match
the text in the data entry field. You can also enter, paste, or drag numbers into the
QuickDialer field.
As shown in Figure 3-5, the right side of the QuickDialer field provides the following:
Redial button – accesses a list of recent dialed or received calls, as configured in the
Options and Preferences: QuickDialer panel.
Go arrow – initiates a call to the selected contact in the QuickDialer field. Access to
the Go arrow is configured in the Options and Preferences: QuickDialer panel.
Section A.2.2 on page 176 describes the Options and Preferences: QuickDialer panel.
Figure 3-5 QuickDialer buttons
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