Chapter 3: Accessing ShoreTel Communicator ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 23
Voice call alerts contain buttons for accepting the call or sending the call to Voice Mail.
Clicking in an Instant Message alert opens the message panel from which the user can
respond and continue the conversation. The function and appearance of alerts is the same
for all viewing modes.
3.1.2 Window Components
The ShoreTel Communicator Main window is the primary window for accessing ShoreTel
client services. In addition to initiating and managing communication sessions, users can
adjust their call handling mode or presence; view the presence of other system users; and
access directory entries, calling history, and voice mail through this window.
Figure 3-4 displays the ShoreTel Communicator Main window in normal viewing mode. Application Button
The Application Button appears as the ShoreTel logo in the upper left corner of the Main
window. Click the Application Button to display menus that access communication session
commands, configuration options, and parameter settings.
The Application Button is visible in Normal, Docked, and Miniature viewing modes. Main Menu
The Main Menu is located below the title bar and above the Toolbars. Each word on the
Main Menu accesses a drop down menu that displays commands, configuration settings,
and viewing options. Main Menu options are also available through the Application Button.
To control the display of the Main Menu, select View -> Main Menu from the Application
Button, the Main Menu, or the System Tray context menu.
The Main Menu is not available in Miniature viewing mode.
Figure 3-4 ShoreTel Communicator Main Window Components
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