ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 3: Accessing ShoreTel Communicator
22 Satellite Window
A Satellite window is a ShoreTel Communicator component that
displays ShoreTel Communicator viewers.
is separated from the Main ShoreTel Communicator window.
When the Viewing option is set to Normal or Docked, ShoreTel Communicator can be
configured to display viewers either through the main window or through a satellite
window. You can drag satellite windows into the Main Window content area or drag
viewers in the Main window to create a Satellite window. Section 3.1.3 describes ShoreTel
Communicator window manipulation operations.
When the Viewing Option is set to Miniature, viewers are always displayed through a
Satellite window.
Section 3.3 on page 34 describes ShoreTel Communicator Viewers and includes a list of
available viewers. A Satellite window can contain more than one viewer. Alternatively, a
separate satellite window can be opened for each viewer.
The Satellite window in Figure 3-2 contains the Contacts viewer. Alerts
An Alert is a popup that ShoreTel Communicator displays in the bottom right corner of the
user’s monitor to inform the user of an incoming voice call or instant message. Figure 3-3
displays a Voice Call Alert.
Figure 3-2 ShoreTel Communicator Satellite window
Figure 3-3 Voice Call Alert
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