ShoreTel 12.3 21
Accessing ShoreTel Communicator
3.1 ShoreTel Communicator Windows
ShoreTel Communicator windows provide access to ShoreTel client services. In addition to
initiating and managing communication sessions, you can view the presence of other users,
adjust your presence, perform Workgroup and Contact Center functions, and access
contact information, voice mail, and call history from these windows.
3.1.1 Window Types
ShoreTel Communicator windows provide access to client application features, inform the
user of incoming messages, and display communication session status. ShoreTel
Communicator windows include the Main Window, Satellite Windows, and Alerts. Main Window
The Main window displays buttons, bars, and menus through which users view status,
configure settings, manage voice mail, and initiate communication sessions. The title bar of
the Main Window indicates the user’s extension.
Figure 3-1 displays an example of the main window where the Viewing Mode is set to
normal; refer to Section 3.2 on page 32 for Viewing Mode information. The title bar in the
ShoreTel Communicator window shown in Figure 3-1 indicates the user’s extension is
The Main window structure and the set of menus available for display depend on the
selected Viewing Mode.
Figure 3-1 Main Window in Normal View
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