Appendix A: ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 209
The following parameters are configured from the Video Options and Preferences panel:
Automatically request video when calling: Users select this option to request a video
call when initiating voice calls with users authorized for video calls.
Accept video requests from others: This option programs a user’s automatic response
to video call requests.
Always: Select this option to enable video when the initiator requests video.
Never: Select this option to reject all initiator requests to use video. You can
activate video later in the call even when this option is selected.
Ask me: Select this option to receive a video inclusion prompt when an initiator
requests video.
Video camera: This parameter specifies the video device that ShoreTel Communicator
uses to perform the video call.
Configure Camera: Pressing this button accesses a panel that configures brightness,
contrast, and saturation settings for the video device.
While many cameras compensate for poor lighting conditions, this compensation
usually impacts the frame rate of the device. Using optimal lighting conditions is
essential to ensure the proper frame necessary for good image quality.
A.2.17 Sounds
The Sounds panel, shown in Figure A-21, specifies the sound files that the computer plays
to indicate a communication event. ShoreTel Communicator supports wav files for play
audio alerts.
To access the Sounds panel, open the Options and Preferences window and select Sounds
in the menu on the left side of the window.
Select: The Sounds table lists the events to which ShoreTel Communicator assigns a
wav file. Other panel settings are valid for the highlighted event.
Sound File: The Sound File specifies the wav file that ShoreTel Communicator plays to
signal the event specified by the Sounds table. Click the arrow on the right side of the
data entry field to view a list of available files.
—Press the Play Sound button to play the .wav file.
—Press the Browse button to search your computer for additional wav files.
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