ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Appendix A:
Use Only Configured Devices: Selecting this option restricts the list of available
devices in the Recording and Playback menus to those previously configured
through MS Windows.
Audio Device: This option specifies the device through which the user accesses
Network adapter: This option specifies the Network Interface Card through which the
SoftPhone performs audio calls.
Endpoint Name: This data field identifies the string through which ShoreWare controls
the SoftPhone as an MGCP device.
A.2.16 Video
The Video panel configures Video Call settings. Section on page 73 describes the
Options and Preferences: Video panel.
To access the Video panel, shown in Figure A-20, open the Options and Preferences
window and select Video in the menu on the left side of the window.
Figure A-20OOptions and Preferences: Video panel
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