ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Appendix A:
Presence panel parameters include:
Presence Options: The selected radio button specifies the presence indicators that the
Contact Viewer displays:
one combined telephony and instant messaging presence: Contacts viewer displays a
single presence icon that indicates the user’s combined presence state. Section 6.2.3
on page 84 describes the combined presence indicator.
separate telephony and instant messaging presences: Contacts Viewer displays two
presence icons to indicate the user’s telephony and IM presence.
Set Presence to “Idle” after specified minutes of activity: When this parameter is
selected, the user’s IM presence state is changed to Idle after the inactivity period,
specified by the data entry field, at the user’s computer.
When this parameter is not selected, the user’s IM presence state does not automatically
change on the basis of a computer inactivity period.
A.2.13.3 Privacy panel
The Instant Messaging: Privacy panel controls the display of presence information to other
system users. Users can also restrict Instant Messaging access to their account from this
panel. Section 6.4 on page 85 describes IM Presence Privacy.
To open the Options and Preferences Privacy panel, shown in Figure A-16 open the
Options and Preferences window and select Privacy in the menu on the left side of the
The Privacy Invitation settings section, located at the top of the panel, determines the
user’s Presence access request method when the system setting for the user is set to User
When the Class of Service is not set to User Defined, this section is grey and the option is
read only. The system administrator can provide information about system privacy settings.
The invitation handling section provides the following options:
auto accept invitation: All requests are accepted. When the user receives a request, a
notification popup indicates a requestor was granted access to the user’s presence
prompt to accept invitation: The user receives a popup when a another user requests
presence access. The request is processed by clicking a popup option.
The Presence Permissions table, located on the right side of panel, configures the presence
access setting for listed users. Users in the table are assigned one of the following
Allowed: Presence information is available to users that are set to this value.
Blocked: Presence information is not available to users that are set to this value. Instant
Messages and presence access requests from the user are blocked.
Pending: This state indicates that the user has not responded to the party’s request for
IM presence status.
To add a user to the list, press the Add button located below the table
To edit a user’s permission setting, select the user in the list and press the Edit button.
To remove a user from the list, select the user in the list and press the Delete button.
To sort by name or permission, click on the column heading of the desired key.
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