Appendix A: ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 203
Warn me before closing chat window: Select this option to display a prompt every
time you attempt to close the Instant Message window.
Save chat transcript to: Select this option to save all IM conversations to the specified
My domain user name and Instant Messaging name are not the same: Select this
option if your Active Directory user name is different from your ShoreTel user name.
Enter the user name recognized by the presence server in the Name field.
IM configuration options available in other Options and Preferences panels include:
Sounds panel: This panel specifies the sound that the computer plays when it receives
an instant message.
A.2.13.2 Presence panel
The Instant Messaging: Presence panel configures the IM and Telephony display options.
To open the Options and Preferences Presence panel, shown in Figure A-15, open the
Options and Preferences window and select Presence in the menu on the left side of the
Figure A-15 Options and Preferences: Instant Messaging – Presence panel
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