ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Appendix A:
Show Alert for: These parameters configure the behavior of popup messages that alert
the user of an incoming message.
Show incoming message alert: Setting this option enables ShoreTel Communicator
to display popups that alert the user of an inbound IM.
Show text of message: When this option is enabled, IM Alerts display the text of the
inbound message.
Number of seconds to display alert: This field specifies the period that IM alerts
remain on your monitor.
Show time stamps: When this option is selected, Instant Messaging windows display
the time and date that messages were sent and received for all messages in the Instant
Messaging panel.
Initiate instant messaging when double clicking on a contact in the Contact pane:
When this box is marked, double clicking a Contacts Viewer contact initiates an instant
message to that contact.
Show all chats in single window: Select this option to display all Instant Message
sessions in a one message window. The session that the text panel displays is specified
by chat tabs located on the right side of the window. Refer to Section 5.2 on page 77 for
more information
Figure A-14 Options and Preferences: Instant Messaging panel
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