Appendix A: ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 201
Rule Table: The rule table, located in the top half of the panel, lists the rules defined by
the user and lists them in the priority Rules are listed in the order that the system uses
them to evaluate inbound calls. Table columns and components include:
Rule Buttons: Rule buttons are located at the top of the panel and control the
creation, modification, and removal of Call Handling Rules from the Rule Table.
Pressing the New Rule button opens the Condition Setup panel. A new rule is
added to the Rule Table upon successful completion of the setup panels.
Pressing the Modify Rule button opens the Condition Setup panel and fills the
parameters with the settings of the rule highlighted in the Rule Table.
Pressing the Delete Rule button removes the highlighted rule from the Rule
Rule List: The Rule list displays the list of call handling rules defined by the user.
Rules are listed in order of their usage priority; higher priority rules are listed first.
List columns include:
Rule: This column displays the name of the rule.
Action: This column displays the call handling action triggered by the rule
when the corresponding condition is satisfied.
Enabled: This column indicates the status of the rule.
To enable a rule, mark the Enabled box.
To disable a rule, clear the Enabled box.
Priority button: The buttons located right of the rule list changes the priority of the
highlighted rule by moving it up or down in the rule list.
Rule Description: The Rule Description field, located in the bottom half of the panel,
displays the conditions and call handling actions of the highlighted rule in the Rule
List. Clicking on hypertext accesses a dialog box that modifies the condition or action
specified by the hypertext.
A.2.13 Instant Messaging
ShoreTel Communicator users configure their Instant Messaging settings from the Instant
Messaging panels. The Options and Preferences window contains three Instant Messaging
panels, as described in the following sections.
A.2.13.1 Instant Messaging panel
The Instant Messaging panel specifies the IM account username and password required to
access the user’s IM account on the Presence Server. The panel also controls messaging
display options.
Refer to Chapter 5 on page 77 for more information on Instant Messaging.
To open the Options and Preferences Instant Messaging panel, shown in Figure A-14
open the Options and Preferences window and select Instant Messaging in the menu on the
left side of the window.
Instant Messaging panel parameters include:
User name and Password: This parameter specifies the IM address for which ShoreTel
Communicator displays instant messages. The user’s IM address is configured in the IM
ID data entry field in the Director’s Edit User panel for the user.
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