Appendix A: ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 199
If this server is assigned a Primary and Secondary IP address, this parameter must
be set to the server’s Domain Name – not the dotted decimal notation. Contact your
system administrator for information concerning the system configuration.
User name: This parameter specifies the ShoreWare user name.
This field is read only for users authenticated through Active Directory credentials.
Change Password: Press this button to change the password that authorizes the user to
access ShoreTel Communicator.
Maximum number of active calls to show: This setting specifies the maximum number
of active calls your ShoreTel Communicator instance can handle, as described in
Section 4.3.2 on page 40. This setting is bounded by the maximum Call Stack size
configured for your extension by the system administrator.
Show empty call cells in Normal View: Select this option to display empty call cells in
the Active Call Area of the ShoreTel Communicator window.
Show Incoming Call Alert: Selecting this option programs ShoreTel Communicator to
display an Alert in the bottom right corner of your monitor when you receive a voice
call. Refer to Section on page 20 for information about Alerts.
Suppress call waiting tone for subsequent calls: Selecting this option disables the Call
Waiting Tone, as described in Section 4.3.4 on page 40.
Figure A-12 Options and Preferences: Telephony panel
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