Appendix A: ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 195
Profile Parameters
Profile parameters are located at the top of the panel and include the Profile Name and
Repeat Count settings.
Profile Name: This parameter configures the name by which the Notification Profile is
referred in other ShoreTel Communicator windows.
ShoreTel Communicator panels that refer to Notification Profiles by this label include
the Escalation Notification panel in the Options and Preferences Window and each of
the Call Handling Mode configuration panels.
Repeat Count: This parameter specifies the number of times the escalation cycle is
repeated after completion of the initial cycle. The cycle is discontinued when the
original is marked as Heard.
Step Parameters
Step parameters are configured individually for each profile step. The following data fields
specify the parameter settings for the step number denoted by the table.
Timeout: This parameter specifies the period after the message is sent to the step
contact before the system sends a notification message to the contact defined in the
next step.
Notify me of urgent messages only: Select this option to initiate Escalation only for
messages marked as Urgent. ShoreWare allows callers to mark voice message after
recording the message.
Email Notification Options: These parameters specify the media and the address the
system uses to inform the step contact of the voice message. Email notification options
have not effect on Telephone Notification actions.
Email Notification: This drop down menu specifies email delivery options:
Disabled: Selecting this option disables email notification.
Email wave file: Selecting this option initiates an Escalation by sending a copy of
the voice message to the specified email address.
Email notification: Selecting this option initiates an escalation by sending an email
message that announces the receipt of a voice message to the specified email
User Email Address specifies the address to which the system sends voice mail
notification messages. This parameter is not available when the Delivery option is set to
Telephone Notification Options: These parameters specify the phone or pager number
by which the step contact is informed about the voice message. Entering contact
information in the phone number field activates all other fields in this panel section.
A.2.9 Outlook
The Outlook panel, shown in Figure A-10, configures interaction parameters between
ShoreTel Communicator and Outlook. Chapter 14 on page 169 describes Outlook
Integration with ShoreTel Communicator.
To access the Outlook panel, open the Options and Preferences window and select Outlook
in the menu on the left side of the window.
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