ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Appendix A:
Escalation Notification Profiles: Escalation profiles designate a roster of contacts that
can be notified when you have voice mail that remains marked Unheard. The active
Call Handling Modes specifies the Escalation Notification Profile that is invoked.
Each row in the table corresponds to an Escalation Profile. Each column lists a profile
characteristic that is defined in the Escalation Profile panel.
Number: This parameter is the index number that identifies the profile.
Name: This parameter is the label by which other panels refer to the profile.
# Steps: This parameter lists the number of escalation steps in the profile.
Escalation Notification profiles are configured in the Escalation Notification Profile
panel. To open the Escalation Notification panel, double-click the desired profile in the
Escalation Notification Profiles table.
A.2.8.1 Escalation Profile panels
The Escalation Notification Profile panel configures a specified Escalation Profile. To access
the Escalation Profile panel, shown in Figure A-9, double-click the desired Escalation
Profile listed on the Escalation panel in the Options and Preferences window.
Escalation Notification Profile contains two types of parameters:
Profile parameters apply to the entire profile and are independent of the step
highlighted in the step table.
Step parameters apply only to the step highlighted in the step table.
Figure A-9EEscalation Notification Profile panel
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