ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Appendix A:
Pressing the arrow on the right side of the field displays phone numbers that you
previously specified as your external number.
Activation: This option specifies the time when a Extension Assignment call is
connected. Select the desired Activation Settings radio button.
Accept Call by pressing ‘1’: The user is prompted to press the numeric key ‘1’ upon
receiving an Extension Assignment call. The system connects the call when the
user presses the key.
Accept Call by answering: The call to the Extension Assignment device is
connected when the user takes the device off hook.
Clear Previous Numbers: Press this button to remove the numbers listed on the
External Number and Assignment bar drop-down menus.
A.2.6 Find Me
Find Me call handling allows callers who reach your voice mail box try to reach you at
alternate numbers. You can specify up to two alternate numbers for routing inbound callers
trying to contact you. Refer to Section 4.5.6 on page 57 for more information about Find
The Find Me panel, shown in Figure A-6, specifies Find Me destinations and configures
other Find Me parameters.
Figure A-6 Options and Preferences: Find Me panel
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