Appendix A: ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 187
Warn when Standard Call Handling is set to Forward Always – Select this option to
receive a warning if the active Call Handling Mode is Standard and the Forward
Calls parameter is set to Always when you start ShoreTel Communicator.
Allow these users to change current call handling mode: This option supports Call
Handling Mode Delegation, as described in Section on page 48. The edit box is
a Quick Dial type window. Entering a name or number in the data entry field results in
a drop down menu that lists all matching user name or number. The drop down only
displays user extensions. Workgroups and system extensions are not displayed.
The table below the edit box contains the list of users allowed to change the current call
handling mode of the subject.
Add button: Click this button to add the user listed in the edit box to the table.
Remove button: Select this button to remove the highlighted user/users from the
List of users.
A.2.4 Mode Configuration Panels
Mode Configuration panels configure call handling methods when the specified call
handling mode is active. The Option and Configuration window provides access to five
Call Handling Mode Configuration panels, one for each of ShoreWare call handling mode.
Figure A-4 displays the Standard Mode Call Handling configuring panel. The other panels
are identical in appearance and differ in the available settings for some of the parameters.
Figure A-4 Options and Preferences: Standard Call Handling Mode panel
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