ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Appendix A:
Move keyboard focus to Quick Dialer when activating ShoreTel Communicator:
When this option is selected, the keyboard focus will be moved to the Quick Dialer
control. The ShoreTel Communicator window can be activated using one of the
following options:
a mouse click,
clicking the application on the task bar
selecting the Alt + TAB.
NOTE: If you click on a specific element on the ShoreTel Communicator window such as
a contact, a voice message, another Call Managr window, or a toolbar button, the focus
will NOT move to the QuickDialer.
A.2.2 QuickDialer
The QuickDialer panel, shown in Figure A-2, configures QuickDialer field characteristics.
Refer to Section on page 22 for a complete description of QuickDialer.
To access the QuickDialer panel, open the Options and Preferences window and select
QuickDialer in the menu on the left side of the window.
Figure A-1 Options and Preferences: General panel
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