ShoreTel 12.3 183
Options and Preferences Window
A.1 Introduction
The Options and Preferences window contains panels that configure many ShoreTel
Communicator options, components, and functions including Instant Messaging, Call
Handling Modes, Video Calls, and Presence. The list of available panels depend upon the
features for which the user is authorized.
To display the Options and Preferences window, perform one of the following:
Select Tools -> Options from the Main menu.
Click the Application Button and select Options.
Right click the ShoreTel Communicator icon in the System Tray and select Options.
Press Ctrl+O.
A.2 Panel Descriptions
Panels in the Options and Preferences window are accessed by clicking panel names in the
menu on the left side of the window. The following sections describe Options and
Preferences panels in the order that they appear in the menu.
A.2.1 General panel
The General panel, shown in Figure A-1, determines ShoreTel Communicator startup
behavior and appearance settings.
To access the General panel, open the Options and Preferences window and select General
in the menu on the left side of the window.
General panel parameters include:
Start ShoreTel Communicator when you login to Windows: Select this option to
automatically open ShoreTel Communicator every time you login to windows.
Enable drag-and-drop Window arrangement: When this option is selected, ShoreTel
Communicator allows the movement of viewers between the Main Window Content
Area and Satellite windows. Section 3.1.3 on page 24 describes the movement of
viewers between the windows.
Color Scheme: This option specifies the background color of ShoreTel Communicator
windows and panels.
Hide ShoreTel Communicator when idle for more than: This option specifies the
amount of time before the ShoreTel Communicator is hidden when it’s been idle. When
enabled, you can specify the time.The default time is 30 seconds. ShoreTel
Communicator will not be hidden if one or more calls are active.
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