Chapter 14: Outlook Integration ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 181
14.4.4 Changing and Cancelling Automatic Call Handling
When Outlook is configured for automatic call handling, the call handling mode that you
select for an appointment is active during the appointment. You can modify the scheduled
call handling before the appointment.
To change or cancel automatic call handling for an appointment
Step 1 In Outlook, open the appointment for which you want to modify the automatic call
handling selection. Cancelling the call handling selection causes the mode to
change back to the default call handling mode.
Step 2 Click the Call Handling Mode tab.
Step 3 Change the call handling mode to one of the radio buttons on the left side. Choose
Do Not Change to maintain the default call handling mode.
Step 4 Click Save and Close.
When the appointment occurs, the selected call handling mode is activated. If you choose
Do Not Change, the call handling mode is set to the default mode chosen during the
configuration of Outlook for automatic call handling during the appointment hours (on-
hours and off-hours).
If you select Remind Me when setting the call handling mode, a reminder dialog box
confirming the active call handling mode changed. Select one of the following:
Dismiss to change the call handling mode.
Cancel to maintain the call handling mode that was active before the start of the
If you open the Call Handling Mode tab again after clicking Cancel when the reminder
dialog box appears, you will see that the radio button for the call handling mode option
you originally chose for the appointment is still selected on the left side of the dialog box.
On the right side of the dialog box, the option Change to call handling mode has been
cancelled is also selected.
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