ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 14: Outlook Integration
14.4.2 Configuring Outlook for Automatic Call Handling
You can set ShoreTel Communicator to use your Outlook Calendar to determine your
active Call Handling Mode.
To configure Outlook for automatic call handling
Step 1 On the Outlook toolbar, click the Configure Call Handling icon.
The Outlook Call Handling Configuration dialog box appears.
Step 2 Select the Use Outlook Calendar to handle Call Handling check box.
Step 3 Select the desired Call Handling Mode for on-hours and off-hours in the Work
Week Call Handling Mode section and the desired holiday Call Handling Mode in
the Holiday Call Handling Mode section.
Step 4 Click OK to close the dialog box.
To set your work week on/off hours in Outlook:
Step 1 Open the Tools menu in Outlook Calendar and select Options.
Step 2 Click the Preferences tab and click Calendar Options.
For call handing to be changed based on your on/off hours, this feature must be
enabled in both the Outlook tab of the ShoreTel System dialog box and in Outlook.
14.4.3 Configuring Call Handling for an Appointment
When you make an appointment on your Outlook calendar, you can trigger the transition
to a Call Handling Mode at the time of the appointment.
To configure your Outlook calendar appointment for call handling
Step 1 In Outlook, click New.
A menu list appears.
Step 2 Click the Appointment tab.
The Appointment dialog box appears.
Step 3 Click the Call Handling Mode tab.
Step 4 Select the desired Call Handling Mode options. The default setting is "Do Not
Change My Call Handling Mode," which means that call handling will remain in
the mode established automatically for this time period (on-hours, off hours, or
Step 5 Click Remind Me if you want a reminder to be displayed on your desktop when
your Call Handling Mode is changed.
Step 6 Click Save and Close to confirm the changes and close the dialog box.
For call handling to be changed based on appointments, Use Outlook
appointments to change Call Handling Mode must be enabled in the ShoreTel
Communicator Options and Preferences: Outlook panel and this feature must be
enabled in Outlook.
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