ShoreTel Communicator for WindowsChapter 2: Getting Started
2.3.4 Active Directory Integration
When ShoreTel Active Directory (AD) Integration is enabled, access to ShoreTel
Communicator is available to all system users, including users without domain accounts or
not configured as ShoreTel AD users. Initial Configuration
When installing ShoreTel Communicator, users authenticated through AD are not queried
for their credentials; they are immediately prompted for the server name after which wizard
panels guide them through the setup process.
Users that are not authenticated through AD are required to enter their name, password
and server name. After verifying the user’s credentials, ShoreTel Communicator guides the
user through the setup process. Logging into ShoreTel Communicator
Attempts to log into ShoreTel Communicator after the initial setup are handled on the basis
of the user’s AD configuration. Active Directory users are authenticated by SSO through the
verification of their AD credentials. Users not configured for Active Directory are
authenticated against their ShoreTel username and password, as previously loaded through
their ShoreTel Communicator account. In either case, users are typically not required to re-
enter their username or password each time they open ShoreTel Communicator. User Name – Telephony Options panel
The User Name data field at the top of the Options and Preferences: Telephony panel
displays the User name of the ShoreTel Communicator account. This field is read only for
users authenticated through AD credentials, as shown in Figure 2-2.
Figure 2-2 Telephony Options – User Name specified through AD
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