ShoreTel 12.3 177
Outlook Integration
14.1 Introduction
For Microsoft Outlook users, ShoreTel Communicator supports integration with Outlook
inbox, voice mail and calendar features. This Chapter describes Outlook integration
features and procedures.
14.2 Importing Outlook Contacts
You can configure ShoreTel Communicator to include Microsoft Outlook contacts in the
Directory viewer every time you log into ShoreTel Communicator. Outlook contact import
options include:
Open the Outlook Contacts panel when you receive a call.
Cache Outlook Contacts: Outlook contacts remain available to ShoreTel
Communicator until you logout. They are not added to the permanent ShoreWare
database, where ShoreTel Communicator settings resides. This limitation requires the
import of Outlook contacts each time ShoreTel Communicator is started.
You cannot access Outlook contacts while they are being imported into ShoreTel
Communicator. Caching Outlook Contacts provides immediate access to your Outlook
Contacts upon logging into ShoreTel Communicator.
To import Outlook contacts to the ShoreTel Communicator
Step 1 Open Options and Preferences by performing one of the following:
Select Tools -> Options from the Main menu.
Click the Application Button and select Options.
Right click the ShoreTel icon in the System Tray and select Options.
Press Ctrl+O.
Step 2 Select Outlook in the menu on the left side of the window.
Step 3 Select Import contacts from Outlook.
Outlook contacts are accessible from the Directory Viewer. The Data Source column
indicates the directory entries that were imported from Outlook.
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