ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 13: Contact Center
13.3.1 Accessing Contact Center Features from ShoreTel
Depending on how the programmable buttons were configured, many of the
functions shown in the Agent Toolbar in Figure 13-7 will be the same as those that
now appear in the integrated ShoreTel Communicator and Contact Center user
Supervisors can access certain capabilities by clicking on the highlighted buttons
shown in Figure 13-7.
The following functions can be performed from the Agent Toolbar:
Telephony Operations
ACD Operations
Application Windows
Chat Operations
Other Operations
13.3.2 Contact Center Feature Limitations in ShoreTel
The Contact Center Agent Toolbar includes a status bar, shown in Figure 13-8, that
displays caller and call status information. Status bar information is not available through
ShoreTel Communicator. Information displayed by the status bar that is not available
through ShoreTel Communicator includes:
Type of call the agent is servicing: voice call, email interaction, or chat interaction.
Call Profile information collected from the IVR or configured in Contact Center.
The Call Status window in ShoreTel Communicator displays the Call profile fields.
Indicators that an agent is scheduled for an outbound call programmed by Contact
Center Dial Lists, abandoned callbacks, and scheduled callbacks.
When Agent Notification Preview is enabled in Contact Center, ShoreTel
Communicator receives notification of programmed call before they are placed.
ShoreTel Communicator does not have ring tone options to distinctly identify the inbound
call type on the agent desktop. ShoreTel Communicator signals an incoming Contact
Center call in the same manner as all other calls.
Contact Center upgrades for the agents and supervisors are distinct from ShoreTel
Communicator upgrades for new software releases. Version updates for new Contact
Center releases that require an update for agents and supervisors must be performed as
described by Contact Center installation documentation and are not affected by ShoreTel
Communicator upgrades.
Figure 13-8 Status Bar in Contact Center Agent Toolbar
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