Chapter 13: Contact Center ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 173
Step 7 Next, click the Configure Queue Monitor button from the Contact Center
Options window. The dialog box used to configure the Queue Calls window is
similar to that shown in Figure 13-5 for configuring the Call Status window.
You should select click the desired parameters from the “Available Fields” pane
and move them to the “Selected Fields” pane on the left.
After the configuration is selected, the Queue Calls window appears, as shown
in Figure 13-6.
The Queue Monitor is similar to the Agent Call Status window in that it
provides information about incoming calls, but it is different in that it displays
information for calls that have not been answered. An additional difference is
that the Queue Calls window allows users with the proper permissions, as
defined in the Class of Service, to double-click a particular call to answer it.
Step 8 Select the Show Agent Toolbar check box from the Contact Center Options
window to display the Contact Center Agent Toolbar, similar to the one in
Figure 13-7.
The Agent Toolbar offers an optional method of accessing the Contact Center
features and application windows. Because the Agent Toolbar offers access to
many of the same functions and features as the integrated ShoreTel
Communicator window, having both open at the same time may be redundant
and unnecessary, but it can ease the transition from Contact Center to the new
unified interface.
Figure 13-6 Queue monitor
Figure 13-7 Agent Toolbar functions
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