ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 13: Contact Center
Step 4 The Group manager window allows you to log into or out of select contact
center groups. To log into a group, click a group name from the “Available
Groups” pane (on the right) to highlight it. Then, click the Login button to
move that group to the “Logged Groups” pane on the left.
Step 5 Next, click the Configure Call Status button from the Contact Center Options
window to display a window similar to the one shown in Figure 13-4.
Step 6 This window allows you to determine which blocks of information will appear
in the agent Call Status window (shown on the next page). Click any of the
parameters from the “Available Fields” pane on the right, and then click the <<
button to move the selected parameter to the “Selected Fields” pane on the left.
The agent Call Status window displays information about a current call that has
been answered by this agent. Information is displayed with the selected fields
listed across the top, as shown in Figure 13-5.
The Call Status window can display information for multiple calls. The window
displays information about how long the caller has been waiting, the priority of
the call. And if the agent belongs to multiple groups, the window will provide
information about which group the call originated from.
Figure 13-4 Selecting parameters for display
Figure 13-5 Call status fields in the agent toolbar
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