Chapter 13: Contact Center ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 171
Mail Accounts allows agents to receive email from callers through standard
email programs, such as Outlook or Outlook Express. Email accounts are
configured for each inquire type and email received in these accounts are
placed in a queue where an agent can download a predetermined number
of emails. Mailboxes can be assigned to a specific computer or agent.
Step 2 Verify the information in the setup window, then select Contact Center ->
Configure Call Center from the ShoreTel Communicator main menu.
ShoreTel Communicator displays the Contact Center Options panel shown in
Figure 13-2.
Step 3 Click on the Configure Groups button from the Contact Center Options
window to display the Group manager window shown in Figure 13-3.
Figure 13-2 The Contact Center Options window
Figure 13-3 Logging into and out of workgroups
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