ShoreTel 12.3 169
Contact Center
13.1 Introduction
The ShoreTel Contact Center is a software application that controls, manages, and monitors
call center activities. Contact Center controls interactions with customers through a system
of four interlocking components:
Call routing implements business rules that define customer service and resource
Monitoring of call center operations to provide supervisors with information
required to manage daily operations.
Performance measurement through historical reports gives supervisors an “aerial
view” of operations from the perspective of business objectives, and captures
information that management can use to make policy decisions.
Agent tools extend the ability of your knowledge workers to provide effective
Contact Center connects to ShoreWare though a software interface over an IP Network. All
Contact Center functionality is access through a separate suite of application tools,
including an Agent Toolbar, Supervisor Monitoring Tools, Historical Reports, and a
software wall board.
Contact Center features are available through all Access Levels to users authorized by the
system administrator. The Main Menu bar provides a Contact Center menu for users with
Contact Center access rights.
ShoreWare Workgroups is distinct from Contact Center features and functionality.
Workgroup features cannot be used to perform Contact Center functions and Contact
Center features cannot be used to perform Workgroup functions.
For a detailed description of all Contact Center features, refer to the following ShoreTel
Contact Center Administration Guide
Contact Center Agent Toolbar
Contact Center CRM Installation Guide
Contact Center Installation Guide
Contact Center Supervisor Applications Guide
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