Chapter 12: Workgroups and Operators ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 167
List – BCA stack positions are displayed in a single column that shows their
extension and stack position.
Small Icons – This view displays BCA stack positions as small icons that indicate
call status.
Large Icons – This view displays BCA stack positions as large icons that indicate
call status. Caller ID and Bridged Call Appearances
The following rules determine which caller ID is displayed when an outgoing call is made
using BCA:
Outbound to an internal extension – the name and number of the user that
initiated the BCA call is displayed; if that user is a “private” user, then the caller ID
is blank.
Outbound to an external number – the following caller ID options are displayed in
the following priority, based on availability:
Outbound caller ID configured for that BCA
DID number configured for that BCA
External identification or caller ID number of the BCA call initiator
Outbound to an external emergency number (such as 911) – the emergency
identification or a CESID number of that user will be sent.
12.5 Viewer Enhancements
The Voice Mail and Contacts Viewers provide enhanced capabilities to users of Workgroup
Agent, Workgroup Supervisor, and Operator ShoreTel Communicator. The following
sections describe the enhanced capabilities of these viewers.
12.5.1 Voice Mail Viewer
Each workgroup has its own workgroup mailbox in the ShoreTel Voice Mail Viewer, and
each member of the workgroup can access this mailbox.
The workgroup mailbox has its own Inbox, Saved, and Deleted folders that appear separate
from the user's personal mailbox folder in the ShoreTel Voice Mail Viewer. Incoming
workgroup messages appear in the workgroup Inbox. When you save or delete workgroup
messages, they are sent to the workgroup's Saved or Deleted folders.
The Voice Mail Viewer displays messages to your workgroups in addition to messages to
your extension. The Viewer displays messages to each entities in blocks. In Figure 12-9, the
personal messages to Ted Coates are grouped in the first block and messages to Tier One
workgroup are grouped in the second block.
Section 9.3 on page 115 describes Voice Mail Viewer features and functions.
12.5.2 Contacts Viewer
The Contact viewer provides access to Contact Lists, which are subsets of your directory
entries. In addition to the basic functionality described in Section 8.3 on page 103,
Workgroup Agents, Workgroup Supervisors, and Operators can transfer calls to contacts
through drag and drop operations of a call cell to a contact.
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