ShoreTel Communicator Manual Chapter 12: Workgroups and Operators
Example: The system administrator configures a BCA with an extension of 118 and a call
stack depth of 3. The ShorePhones of three users are configured to handle calls to the
BCA as follows:
User One has one button that answers calls from Stack Position #1.
User Two has one button that answers calls from Stack Position #2.
User Three has three buttons configured to answer BCA calls – the first button
answers calls to Stack Position #1, the second button answers calls to Stack
Position #2, and the third button answers calls to Stack Position #3.
The first incoming call to the BCA arrives on Stack Position #1. User Two cannot
answer this call. A second call to the BCA will arrive on Stack Position #2 if the first call
is still active. User One cannot answer that call. User Three is the only user that can
answer calls that arrive on Stack Position #3. Bridged Call Appearance Monitor Components
The Bridged Call Appearance Monitor displays all call stack positions for each BCA
extension for which your extension can receive calls. Each row in the table corresponds to
one BCA call stack position. Each column lists an identifying property of the call stack
position or of the call to the BCA that occupies the call stack position.
Bridged Call Appearance in Details mode include:
Filter bar: The BCA Monitor displays only entries whose sender name or number
matches filter bar contents. Filter bar contents are compared to columns that list
name and contact information.
Action bar: The action bar contains buttons that trigger actions or display status
relative to the selected BCA stack position. Action bar buttons include:
Retrieve: Press this button to access a ringing or parked call.
More Info: Press this button to display call information, including the phone
number and call duration.
Column Headings: Column headings indicate the data field name for the BCA call
stack position.
Name: This field lists the name of the BCA call stack position, as specified by
the system administrator.
Ext.: This field displays the BCA extension number.
Position: This field displays the call stack position.
Call State: The field lists the state of the call occupying the call stack position.
Duration: This field displays the period that the call on the call stack position
has been active. Viewer Modes
You can specify the BCA Monitor viewer mode by right clicking in the table and selecting
the desired mode. Each view includes a control field, similar to QuickDialer, that filters the
agents displayed by the monitor.
ShoreTel Communicator provides the following BCA Monitor views:
Details – Each BCA stack position is listed in an individual row, similar to the
traditional Windows Explorer column view. The table displays the columns in
Details mode.
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