Chapter 12: Workgroups and Operators ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 163
When viewing the Agent's IM status the supervisor quickly can determine the Agent’s
availability, as shown in the above figure, for an incoming chat or they can initiate a chat
while the agent is available. They may also choose to use the chat option when the agent is
on a call and may possibly require assistance with any inbound calls.
To initiate a chat session, perform the following:
Step 1 Launch the Agent Monitor by right clicking on the ShoreTel icon in the system
tray and select Workgroup -> Agent Monitor.The Agent Monitor window is
displayed, as shown below.
Figure 12-4AAgent Monitor Window
Step 2 Select the user you wish to chat with using by and clicking on the Agent's
Step 3 Click the IM button located in the menu bar to start an IM Chat session. Configuring Instant Messaging
System administrators can configure ShoreTel’s Instant Message functionality through
ShoreWare Director. Each user who has access to instant messaging must have the General
tab of their Users Profile configured with the instant messaging profile information that
must also be present on the IM server.
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