ShoreTel Communicator Manual Chapter 12: Workgroups and Operators
162 Context Menu Operations
You can perform most operations available on the Action bar through a context menu
accessed by right clicking on an Agent.
Functions accessible through the Agent Monitor include:
Workgroup functions: viewing and changing agent status
Call Monitor functions: barge in, silent monitor, whisper page
Call Resumption functions: Park and Pickup
Agent Contact options: Dial, Dial Mailbox, Intercom
The Agent Monitor displays workgroup agents' call status and activities. The telephone
icon next to an agent's name indicates call status and the number of calls the agent is
handling. The connection icon displays the agent’s logged on and wrap-up status.
To initiate a voice call to an agent’s extension, perform one of the following:
Double-click on the name of the desired contact
Drag and drop the name of the desired contact into the Active Call Area in the Main
To initiate any other call operation, right click on the desired contact and select the
operation or phone number from the context menu.
12.4.3 Instant Messaging in the Workgroup Agent Monitor
Support for Instant Messaging in the Agent Monitor window allows the workgroup
Supervisor to monitor an agent’s IM presence as well as initiate an IM chat with any of the
workgroup agents. This functionality is deployed with any workgroup that has
implemented the Supervisor or Operator ShoreTel Communicator. All participants of the
workgroup including the Supervisor must be configured with Instant Messaging.
To implement an IM response during an inbound call, the user must have IM configured in
their ShoreWare Director profile. In order for the IM address of the inbound caller to be
recognized, they must be added to the user's contacts or to their buddy’s list. An IM server
such as Microsoft Office Comminications Server 2007 or the ShoreTel Conference Bridge
must be configured in the ShoreWare Director and installed and available on a separate
server. All users must have a profile created on the IM Server.
Figure 12-3IInstant Messaging Status
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