ShoreTel Communicator Manual Chapter 12: Workgroups and Operators
12.4.2 Agent Monitor
The Agent Monitor, shown in Figure 12-2, displays the status of agents in your workgroups
as specified in the Options and Preferences: Workgroups panel. Agent Monitor is available
in Workgroup Supervisor and Operator ShoreTel Communicator.
To open the Agent Monitor, perform one of the following:
Click the Application Button, then select Workgroup -> Agent Monitor.
Select Workgroup -> Agent Monitor from the Main Menu.
Select Windows -> Agent Monitor from the Main Menu.
Select Windows -> Agent Monitor from the Assignment bar.
Right click the ShoreTel icon in the system tray and select Workgroup -> Agent
Press Ctrl+Shift+A.
The Agent Monitor opens in the Main window content area or in a Satellite window. Viewer Modes
ShoreTel Communicator provides the following Agent Monitor view options:
Details – Each agent is listed in an individual row, similar to the traditional
Windows Explorer column view, and grouped by Workgroup. Agents can be sorted
within their workgroups by clicking the column headings at the top of the list.
List – Agents are displayed in a single column that shows their name and log status.
Agents are listed alphabetically within their workgroups.
Figure 12-2 Agent Monitor
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