ShoreTel Communicator for WindowsChapter 2: Getting Started
2.2.2 64-bit Platform Support
ShoreTel 11 extends support for running ShoreTel Communicator on 64-bit platforms to
include Microsoft Windows 7 – Professional and Enterprise editions.
ShoreTel Communicator disables SoftPhone, Video, and Outlook integration while running
in Terminal server mode. These functions remain unavailable when running ShoreTel
Communicator on 64-bit WTS platforms.
NOTE: All ShoreTel Communicator features available on the 32-bit Vista platform remain
available when running the application on the 64-bit operating system with the following
•XGA Video.
NOTE: ShoreTel supported XGA camera is not compatible with 64-bit Vista client.
Installing ShoreTel Communicator on 64-bit Windows running Citrix or Windows
Terminal Server requires the following steps:
Step 1 Install .Net Framework for 64-bit Windows Citrix machines – Version 2.0 or
.Net Framework is not supplied with the ShoreTel installation software. This
software is available from Internet sources or from your software vendor.
Step 2 Install ShoreTel Communicator.
Step 3 Access Control Panel -> Phone and Modem -> Advanced (tab) and remove
ShoreTel Remote TAPI Service Provider.
Step 4 Run TSPInstall.exe
TSPInstall.exe is provided with the ShoreTel installation software.
Installing ShoreTel Communicator on a 64-bit platform places files in the following folders:
The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)
The location of 32-bit client dll files is C:\Windows\SysWow64
2.3 Access to ShoreTel Communicator
2.3.1 Starting ShoreTel Communicator
Start ShoreTel Communicator by clicking the ShoreTel Communicator application icon that
was placed on your desktop or Start menu when ShoreTel Communicator was installed.
You can also configure ShoreTel Communicator to automatically start when you log into
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