Chapter 12: Workgroups and Operators ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 159
Call table: The bottom table lists the calls that are in the queues of the workgroups
to which you belong. Each row corresponds to one call that is waiting in a
workgroup’s queue. Columns that the Call table can display include:
Workgroup: This field lists the call’s intended recipient workgroup
Caller Name / Number: This field lists the Call ID information for the call.
Queued Time: This field indicates the period that the call has waited in the
Call Time: This field indicates the period the call has been active including, for
calls re-entering the queue after being by an agent, all periods the call was
active and on hold.
DNIS: This field displays the DNIS identification number sent by the
originating call.
More Info: This field displays miscellaneous call information including the
routing slip and the call note. Setting Thresholds
Workgroup Supervisors can specify queue size and queue time thresholds for a workgroup.
Queue Monitor displays any values that exceed these thresholds in bold red text.
Supervisors can also configure audible alerts to when queued calls result in exceeded
The supervisor sets a Workgroup’s warning thresholds that define the maximum number of
queued calls and the maximum wait time allowed before the Queue Monitor displays a
warning to all agents.
To set workgroup warning thresholds:
Step 1 Open the Options and Preferences window by performing one of the following:
Press the Options button in the Queue Monitor menu bar.
Select Tools -> Options from the Main menu.
Click the Application Button and select Options.
Right click the ShoreTel Communicator icon in the System Tray and select
Press Ctrl+O.
Step 2 Select Workgroups in the menu on the left side of the window.
Step 3 Specify the Calls Size threshold by clicking the Calls in Q cell for the desired
Step 4 Specify the Call Wait Time threshold by clicking the Queued Time cell for the
desired workgroup. Setting Workgroup Call Handling Modes
The supervisor sets the Call Handling Mode for the workgroup in the Queue Monitor. There
are four Call Handling Modes: On-Hours, Off-Hours, Holiday, and Custom. The workgroup
Call Handling Mode changes the way calls are handled based on the current setting.
To change the workgroup Call Handling Mode, access the drop down menu by clicking the
CHM button on the Queue Monitor menu.
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