ShoreTel Communicator Manual Chapter 12: Workgroups and Operators
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The Queue Monitor comprises an action bar, a workgroup table, and a call table:
Action bar: The action bar contains buttons that trigger workgroup configuration
options and panels. Action bar buttons include:
Alert Sound: Press this button to toggle the sound alert status. When this
button is highlighted and a threshold is exceeded, ShoreTel Communicator
plays the audio alert designated by the Options and Preferences: Sounds panel.
Options: Press this button to access the Options and Preferences: Workgroups
Workgroup table: The top table in the Queue Monitor lists selected Workgroups to
which you belong. You specify the workgroups displayed in the table from the
Options and Preferences: Workgroups panel.
Each row corresponds to one workgroup. Each column corresponds to a
workgroup property. Columns that the Workgroup table can display include:
Unlabeled Checkbox: Select this check box to display Workgroup calls in the
Call Table.
Workgroup: This field lists the workgroup’s name and extension.
CHM: This column lists the active Call Handling Mode for the Group. Clicking
in this cell accesses a drop-down menu that changes the call handling mode.
Queued Calls: This field lists the number of calls in the workgroup’s queue.
Longest Queued Time: This field indicates the longest queue time of all calls in
the queue.
Longest Call Time: This field indicates the longest call time of all calls in the
queue. This time differs from the longest queue time when calls are returned to
the queue after an agent answers it.
Figure 12-1 Queue Monitor
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