ShoreTel 12.3 155
Workgroups and Operators
12.1 Introduction
Workgroups is an entry level contact center application for small, informal Automatic Call
Distribution (ACD) groups that is integrated into ShoreWare. Workgroups support basic
call routing, agent management, reporting, and agent activity functions.
Classic phone operators provide assistance to callers and manage PBX switchboards.
Although many operator functions can be automated, many systems or situations require a
live person to handle specific issues.
ShoreTel Communicator supports Workgroups and Operators through three ShoreTel
Communicator types. This chapter describes functions and components provided by these
client types.
12.2 Client Types
ShoreTel Communicator provides three client types that provide capabilities required by
users that do have workgroup or operator responsibilities: Workgroup Agent, Workgroup
Supervisor, and Operator.
12.2.1 Workgroup Agent
Workgroup Agent ShoreTel Communicator is assigned to workgroup members that have
basic call handling responsibilities. Workgroup Agent ShoreTel Communicator supports
the following features:
All functions available through Professional ShoreTel Communicator
Enhanced Contacts Viewer capabilities, including drag-and-drop call transfer
Workgroup access utilities
Workgroup Queue Monitor
Workgroup voice mailbox
12.2.2 Workgroup Supervisor
Workgroup Supervisor ShoreTel Communicator is assigned to users that are members of a
workgroup and have management responsibilities over the members and function of the
group. Workgroup Supervisor ShoreTel Communicator supports the following features:
All functions available through Workgroup Agent ShoreTel Communicator.
Workgroup Agent Monitor
Enhanced Agent Monitor capabilities
Supervisory specific functions, including editing agent access settings and
establishing Workgroup activity thresholds.
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