ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 11: Silent Coach
11.3.2 IP Phone
To perform a Silent Coach from a ShorePhone programmable button, press the Silent
Coach button.
If the button specifies a Silent Coach recipient, the system immediately initiates a
Silent Coach session with that user. Disregard the remaining steps.
If the button does not specify a Silent Coach recipient, enter the recipient’s name or
number in the Telephone User Interface.
ShoreTel Communicator displays the Silent Coach dialog box. In this case, continue to
the next step.
To perform a Silent Coach from any system phone,
Enter the *22 code, followed by the number of the target extension.
ShoreTel phones display softphone options while a Silent Monitor option is active. Figure
11-6 displays the ShorePhone 560 Telephone User Interface for a user that initiated a Silent
Coach session.
Figure 11-5 ShoreTel Communicator – Silent Coach session
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