Chapter 11: Silent Coach ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 149
11.2.2 Enabling the Silent Coach Warning Tone
ShoreWare provides an option for playing a Silent Coach Warning Tone to all call
participants when a Silent Coach session is initiated and if the Silent Coach Warning Tone
option is enabled. The Warning Tone setting applies to all Silent Coach sessions on the
system.When a user transitions between Silent Coach and Silent monitor, the warning
tones start/stop are based on the silent coach or silent monitor warning tone setting.
To enable the Silent Coach Warning Tone option:
Step 1 Open the Call Control Options Edit panel, as shown in Figure 11-2, by
selecting Administration -> Call Control -> Options on the Director Main Menu.
Step 2 Mark the Enable Silent Coach Warning Tone option.
11.2.3 Configuring Silent Coach buttons
ShorePhone and ShoreTel Communicator programmable buttons can be configured to
initiate a Silent Coach session with a specific user or to query the caller for a Silent Coach
destination. The configuration processes for ShorePhone and ShoreTel Communicator
programmable buttons are almost identical.
To configure an IP Phone button to initiate Silent Coach:
Step 1 Open a user’s IP Programmable Button panel for the desired user:
Step a: Select Administrator -> Users -> Individual Users on the Main Menu.
Step b: Open the Edit User panel by clicking the name of the desired user.
Step c: Select Personal Options at the top of the panel.
Step d: Click IP Phone Buttons.
Figure 11-3 displays the IP Phone Buttons configuration panel.
Step 2 Select Silent Coach from the Function drop-down menu of a selected button.
Figure 11-2 Enabling the Silent Coach Warning Tone
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