ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 11: Silent Coach
11.2 Silent Coach Configuration
11.2.1 Configuring Silent Coach Permissions
Silent Coach access is controlled through Telephony CoS settings. Permissions for
monitoring calls and for having calls monitored are configured through the Silent Monitor
/ Silent Coach option on the Telephony Class of Service Edit panel, as shown in Figure 11-
To configure Silent Coach for a Telephony Class of Service:
Step 1 Open a Telephony Class of Service panel for the desired service class:
Step a: Select Administrator -> Users -> Class of Service on the Main Menu.
Step b: Click the name of the desired Telephony Features Permissions CoS.
Step 2 Select the following Silent Monitor options for users assigned to the Class of
Enable users assigned to the CoS to monitor calls by marking the Allow
Initiation checkbox in the Silent Monitor / Silent Coach Other’s Calls row.
Determine the users that can monitor users assigned to the CoS by selecting a
radio button right of the Accept: text.
Valid options include None, All, and From Only. Selecting From Only activates
the data entry field that specifies the user that can silently monitor calls of
users assigned to the CoS.
Step 3 Click the Save button to save your changes.
Figure 11-1 Class of Service Setting – Silent Coach
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