ShoreTel 12.3 147
Silent Coach
11.1 Introduction
Silent Coach is a ShoreTel client feature that allows a user to intervene in another user’s
active call and communicate with that user. The initiator can speak to the specified user
and listen to all other call participants. The specified user is the only call participant that
can hear the initiator. A Telephony Class of Service assigns Silent Coach rights. Silent
Coach can be initiated through various ShorePhone models or through ShoreTel
This feature also provides the capability for the initiator to switch between Silent Monitor,
Barge In, and Silent Coach functions for the same call.
The right to perform Silent Coach is set by the system administrator. The system
administrator also designates users whose calls can be monitored.
11.1.1 Initiating a Silent Coach Session
Silent Coach sessions can be initiated through ShorePhone or ShoreTel Communicator
programmable buttons, ShoreTel Communicator menu options, and star code calls from
other calling devices.
11.1.2 Session Transitions
Users initiating a Silent Coach session can change the session to a Silent Monitor or Barge
In session. Silent Monitor sessions can be changed into a Silent Coach sessions.
11.1.3 Coach Consult and Resumption
The user that receives a Silent Coach session can place the original call on hold to engage in
a two-way conversation with the Silent Coach initiator. At the end of this conversation, the
user can resume or terminate the original call.
NOTE: The following devices do not support session transitions, coach consulting, and
coach resumption.
all analog phones
• IP110
• IP210
Silent Coach cannot be initiated with users that are on conference calls.
Calls upon which Silent Coach is active and cannot be transferred or converted to a
conference call.
Silent Coach is not available on SIP extensions or over SIP phones trunks.
The recipient cannot record calls while Silent Coach is active.
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