ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 10: Shared Call Appearance
146 Outbound Calls
The following scenario describes a typical process of setting up a call for an executive by an
assistant through Shared Call Appearance.
Step 1 The assistant user accesses an aBCA associated with the executive extension by
pressing an appropriate IP Phone or ShoreTel Communicator button.
NOTE: The called party will see the executive's bBCA or the assistant’s
aBCA's caller ID based on the BCA Caller ID registry setting.
Step 2 The assistant user calls the recipient and prepares the recipient for the
executive’s call.
Step 3 The assistant user places the call on hold.
Step 4 The assistant user presses the hotline button to call the executive.
Step 5 The assistant user advises the executive of the call in progress and provides
instructions on picking up the call.
Step 6 The executive picks up the held call by pressing the aBCA button, as instructed
by the assistant.
NOTE: An executive extension’s redial list shows only outbound calls.
10.1.4 Using Blind Conference with Shared Call Appearance
Scenario 1
In this scenario the executive is currently on a call with party one. The assistant receives a
call from a second party. The assistant determines that the executive is on a call and wants
to have the second party join the Executive's call. Using the assistant blind transfer, the
Assistant calls Executive on hotline to tell the Executive that the second party is on the line
and ready to join the call. The hotline call ends and the Executive is connected back to
Party and the Assistant is connected back to Party two. The Assistant then initiates a
conference and selects executive's call into which Party two needs to join. Once the
conference connection is completed, Parties one and two will be in the same call.
NOTE: 6-way conference is currently possible from the Executive phone, but only 3-way
conferencing is possible from the Assistant’s phone.
Scenario 2
In this scenario executive hotlines the assistant and asks him or her to bring party two into
the call and then the executive gets back on the line with party1. Then the assistant calls
party two, hotlines the executive to tell him that party two is ready to join and then joins
party two by initiating a blind conference and then selecting the executive’s line.
NOTE: The assistant joins the second party into the executive call by initiating a blind
conference then specify the number or extension and then select options for for blind or
consultative conference. The executive’s line LED will be RED as designed.
NOTE: Assistant cannot join a party into a executive’s line if the executive is already on
a 3-party call on that line.
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