ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 10: Shared Call Appearance
The following procedure opens the aBCA edit panel:
Step 1 In Director, open the Bridged Call Appearance List panel of the desired user.
Step a: Select Administration -> Call Control -> Bridged Call Appearances from the
Director Main Menu.
Step b: Click the aBCA associated with the desired user. aBCA names have the form
<first name>_<last name>_<extension>, where
first name is the first name of the user
last name is the last name of the user
extension is the user’s extension number
Step 2 Open the edit panel for the aBCA, as shown in Figure 10-2, by clicking the
name of the desired aBCA on the Bridged Call Appearance List panel.
When the Edit panel of an aBCA opens, Director displays a warning that the
BCA is a Shared Bridged Call Appearance and cannot be modified. Assistant Users
Assistant users require no additional configuration, other than the assignment of ShoreTel
Communicator or IP Phone programmable buttons to monitor the Executive Extension
aBCAs. Hotline
A hotline is a bi-directional ringdown circuit accessed through IP Phone or ShoreTel
Communicator buttons. A hotline call is initiated by pressing the assigned button. Hotline
calls can be configured as speed dial or intercom calls.
A Hotline circuit can be implemented between an executive and assistant to communicate
call status on the executive’s aBCA. To land a call on hotline button as intercom or speed
dial, its required that both the parties have a hotline program button. If not the call will be
offered as normal call.
Hotline calls and Extension Monitor calls to an Executive extension that are picked up are
not bridged. Refer to the Hotline section for configuration information.
NOTE: Hotline intercom calls will use a user's intercom permissions. Hence same rules
that apply to regular intercom calls apply to hotline-intercom calls. Programmable Buttons
Executives and Assistant users access aBCAs and the hotline circuit from ShoreTel
Communicator or ShorePhones through programmable buttons configured for Bridged
Call Appearances. Buttons for Executive Extensions are not configurable as Call
Refer to the ShoreTel Administrator Guide for information about programmable buttons. Bridged Call Appearance Monitor
The Bridged Call Appearance Monitor is a ShoreTel Communicator window that displays
all Bridged Call Appearances accessible to the user’s extension through all devices assigned
to the user. The BCA Monitor consolidates all of a user’s aBCA activity into a single panel.
The Bridged Call Appearance Monitor is only available through Operator ShoreTel
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