Chapter 10: Shared Call Appearance ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 143
To create a executive extension, open the Edit User panel for the desired user and
select the Share Call Appearances option. The number listed in the Associated BCA
field specifies the extension of the aBCA.
aBCAs are deleted if the associated executive extension is reverted to a normal
To revert a executive extension to a normal extension, clear the Shared Call Appearance
option on the Edit User panel.
Placing a executive extension call on hold parks the call on the aBCA. Held calls on a
executive extension can be viewed from the PCM Bridged Call Appearance Monitor or
from IP Phone display.
NOTE: If there are any secretaries that are monitoring Executive' aBCA the
dependencies shall be removed before you can clear Share CallAppearances check box.
Associated BCA settings are viewed from a Bridged Call Appearance edit panel, as shown in
Figure 10-2. This panel is read only for aBCA. Parameters can be modified from the edit
panel of the associated user. The No Answer Number of Rings and Call Forward Destination
parameters reflect the initial state of these values and, depending on the activity of the user,
may not indicate the current state of these parameters.
aBCA is only hidden in the phone directory list so that users don't accidently call aBCA
instead of executive. However, like any normal BCA, administrators can configure aBCA as
the destination of a trunk group or target extension of a programmable button function. Its
up to administrator’s discretion how to use aBCA.
Figure 10-2 Edit Panel – Executive Bridged Call Appearances
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