ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 10: Shared Call Appearance
Figure 10-1EEdit Panel – Executive Bridged Call Appearances
Step 3 Enter the desired number for the aBCA in the Associated BCA field.
This step can be skipped if the autofill entry is acceptable. This field cannot be
edited after the initial configuration.
Step 4 Press the Save button at the top of the Edit User panel.
When a new call is placed from executive's PCM the existing active calls will be locally held
and not parked back on aBCA. However if the new call is placed from the phone, then the
existing active call will be parked back on aBCA.
Clearing the Shared Call Appearances checkbox reverts the executive extension to a
normal extension and deletes the aBCAs associated with the extension. Associated Bridge Call Appearance
An Associated Bridged Call Appearance (aBCA) is a bridged call appearance that is
associated to a Executive Extension. Associated Bridged Call Appearances differ from other
BCAs as follows:
aBCAs are not editable from the Bridged Call Appearance Director panel. aBCA
settings and parameters are configured from the user’s Edit User panel.
aBCAs are created when a ShoreTel extension is converted to a executive extension.
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