ShoreTel 12.3 141
Shared Call Appearance
10.1 Introduction
Shared Call Appearance is a ShoreTel client feature that establishes common Bridged Call
Appearance between a user (executive) and at least one other user (assistant). A Shared
Call Appearance is typically established to allow one or more assistants to manage inbound
calls and initiate outbound calls for an executive.
Shared Call Appearances are supported on all ShoreGear switches and all ShorePhones that
have programmable buttons.
10.1.1 Shared Call Appearance Components Executive Extension
The executive extension is a ShoreTel extension that is configured for Shared Call
Appearance. All call appearances of the executive extension are converted into associated
Bridged Call Appearances (aBCA); calls to the executive extension are routed to the
extension of the corresponding aBCA.
When a executive extension is routed to a phone that does not have programmable
buttons, the executive extension is handled as a normal extension. The extension behavior
reverts back to that of an Executive Extension when extension calls are routed to a phone
with programmable buttons.
To convert an extension to a executive extension
Step 1 Open the Edit User panel of the desired user by selecting Administration ->
Users -> Individual Users from the Director Main Menu, then click the name of
the desired user.
Step 2 Select Shared Call Appearances, as shown in Figure 10-1.
Director autofills the Associated BCA field. This field specifies the extension of
the aBCA associated with the executive extension.
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