ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 9: Managing Voice Mail
9.7.2 Using System IDs to Address AMIS Voice Mail
Your system administrator can configure your voice mail system to send messages to
remote systems either using the same extension numbers you use to dial the remote users,
or by assigning a unique system identification to each system in the network. Your
administrator should provide information on the way your voice mail system is configured.
To send voice mail using system IDs to recipients on AMIS systems, enter the system ID
followed by the mailbox number (extension) of the recipient on the AMIS system.
Example: If the system ID is 8331 and the mailbox number is 1234, enter 83311234
to address the voice mail. Your System Administrator can tell you the system IDs
you need to address AMIS voice mail for each remote site.
If your system administrator configured your voice mail system to use the extension
numbers of remote users, voice mail messages are referenced by their remote extension
If ShoreTel cannot deliver a voice message after three attempts, it stops trying and returns
the message to you. If your voice mailbox is full, you will not receive notification about the
messages that were not delivered.
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